Why I Switched to Natural Products?

Why I Switched to Natural Products?

When I am alone and in deep thought, many questions crop up in my mind and I start thinking about them and about the possible answers. I have always wondered as to why our fore-fathers were able to enjoy such long, healthy lives despite the fact that they used to work so hard, walk long distances for going from one place to another and had no access to modern-day medications and health care. I had also heard that women could work until the last day of their pregnancy and then deliver their babies with just the help of the local midwife, even sometimes in the fields where they used to work and shortly thereafter they used to be active again. Their children were not given any formula milk but they only had access to their mother’s milk and still, they were mostly healthy.

The only plausible answer that I could think of was that these people survived mostly on natural products that they could procure from Mother Earth’s offerings. My thoughts instantly turned towards the Almighty, the creator of this universe who, in His incomprehensible wisdom had ensured that all needs of human beings and other creatures were available and he gave them the power and ability to think about them and discover what is available and how it would suit them the best. What ever were the needs of human beings, nature provided them and the best part was that they were pure. The Almighty had ensured that food,fruits, water, flowers, herbs and all that is necessary for survival would be available.

However, the process of evolution gave humans more powers of analytical thinking and creativity and they started discovering and making new products to make their life easier. Whereas most of their discoveries and inventions gave them the ease of travel, communication, medicines and leisure options, they started neglecting nature with the result that they became entirely dependent on artificial products in different aspects of life, whether in the areas of food, beauty, skin care or medicine. The switch to urban life and the mad race to survive in this highly competitive world made it even more difficult for most people to think beyond the artificial consumer products that are readily available. This metamorphosis in the lives of people has had a catastrophic effect on their health and well-being despite the giant strides taken by them in the medical field.

My thinking process veered towards finding out the benefits of using pure and natural products as against the usage of artificial products and I soon discovered that adopting a new, natural lifestyle with natural health and beauty products just as our forefathers used to do will definitely make me look and feel great.

Many natural products are readily available and are reasonably priced. For example, Epsom Salt is a natural mineral that includes magnesium and sulphate and has the property of cleaning and exfoliating the skin, removing excess oil from your hair and easing the tensions of your day through a relaxing bath. It also eases the pain of minor sprains.Witch hazel, a low-cost natural product, is ideal for skin as it can be used as a toner and brings fresh fragrance and cool sensation to the skin. To ease anxiety and stress, Chamomile and black cohosh are best as they also ease hot flashes and other effects of menopause.

I have been delving into many such natural ingredients and products that work wonders without any side effects.