By Jyoti,

My love for natural and herbal products, attracted me towards Khadi. Though it is a country wide spread brand but I really feel it is a bit difficult to locate its store.
But since last six months I have been reading huge reviews of different Khadi products over internet and have seen, people loving it. This inspired me also to check out the Khadi store. In my locality I have a newly opened Khadi store, I went there and saw different products. Their packaging was really boring with plastic bottles and black&white labels! Then I thought it really doesn’t matter if the product inside the bottle is awesome! Simplicity is what Khadi believe in, and here is my experience in the Khadi store

Khadi Scrub Lotion Fruit Rub

A gentle scrub with walnut and fruit extracts, removes dead cells and deep seated  dirt & impurities, whereas the lotion base retains wetness of skin once cleansing.khadi

Khadi Soaps

There ar a minimum of 15-20 kinds of soaps like natural saffron, neem-tulsi, haldi-chandan, mint, rose, aloe vera, mauri strawberry, mauri lemon, mogra, jasmine, rose-honey and lots of additional with terribly natural n pleasant smell..

Khadi Face Washes

100% soap free face wash with natural cleansing extracts which deep cleanse skin removing all the dirt, germs & infection from inside the pores of skin and keeps the skin soft, clean , tender, well moisturized and free from pimples.