Gandhi Jayanti!!

                                   Best Khadi

Its concept wkhadi-fabricas developed by Mahatma Gandhi. It was a symbol for political agendas during the fight for independence in India against the British rule. It was primarily a means to provide employment to the unemployed rural population of India at that time. The Indian flag has to be also made from khadi Pure material. Thus it holds national importance, we could even call it the national Best khadi of India.

Khadi before independence was considered as the fabric for the political leaders and the rural people. But now it has found its way into the wardrobe of fashion conscious people. The current situation is that the demand is more than the supply. Earlier the type of khadi available was khadi cotton which had very coarse texture and feel. However many varieties of khadi like khadi Soap, khadi herbal and khadi moisturizer are available now, which makes it a fashionable….