Don’t Skip Meals!!

By Jyoti

skippingfoodAt some purpose all people bear the day while not ingestion for hours. this may happen on days after we sleep through breakfast, go through lunch or area unit therefore tired by the time we tend to get home from work that we would like nothing however to hit the bed. therefore it’s vital to know what extremely happens to our bodies after we skip meals.

Within the primary 6 hours of going while not food, glycogen, that stores energy within the body, breaks down into aldohexose that cells use as fuel as a replacement for food. regarding twenty fifth of this is often employed by the brain alone for energy, whereas the remainder is employed by muscle tissue and red blood cells. when 6 hours, polyose production reduces considerably and energy levels plummet—this leaves us a feeling hungry and tired.
While the approach your body reacts to skipped meals depends on your age, health and diet, this is often a lot of or less what happens to most folks.
After 72 hours, not solely do mood and energy levels plummet, however the body starts breaking down its own proteins. These proteins unleash amino acids which may be regenerate to aldohexose. this is often excellent news for your brain however unhealthy for the body, as a result of it means that your body is destroying its own muscle mass
In women, skipping meals shuts down the catamenial cycle—this is that the body’s method of protective energy expenditure. It conjointly reduces bone density; ladies WHO skip too several meals tend to expertise a loss of physical attraction as a facet impact.
If you miss meals continuously for weeks, your immunity will drop significantly.
The bottom line: Skipping meals can cause you to lose muscle, not fat. therefore reconsider before you miss a meal for any reason aside from the actual fact that you’re not hungry.

courtesy Vishakha Shivdasani.